Rosann Scalise

CREDENTIALS: Rosann Scalise, M.Ed., is a certified Tai Chi Instructor through the Tai Chi for Health Institute, a world-wide Tai Chi organization developed by family physician and renowned Tai Chi expert, Dr. Paul Lim. In addition, Rosann has been a meditation practitioner for over 25 years and has been teaching mediation for 14 years.

SPECIALITY: Tai Chi, a form of exercise developed in ancient China, has been demonstrated to have a powerful effect on health. Known for its slow, fluid movements, the central premise of Tai Chi is to integrate the mind and body. Tai Chi has been shown to promote balance, flexibility, muscular strength, and cardiovascular fitness, as well as increased levels of psychological well-being and reduction of anxiety and stress. In addition to the Tai Chi instruction, Rosann incorporates the practice of Qigong, which utilizes a variety of breathing and meditative exercises to strengthen qi (the life energy).

Mindful Meditation is a practice designed to focus one’s attention on the present moment, fostering greater clarity in life, which in turn, helps one make changes that enhance health and quality of life. It has been scientifically shown to reduce stress, increase positive emotions and attentive abilities, improve immune function, and deepen the qualities of empathy, inner calm, and patience.

CLASS(ES) OFFERED AT THE MVCA: Tai Chi and Mindful Meditation.

QUOTE: “Tai Chi is accessible to most everyone, even those who may be wheelchair-bound. One of its appealing attributes is that you never get down on the floor. The movements are all performed standing, or seated, for those who may have mobile impairment.”