Joanne DeStefano

INSTRUCTOR: Joanne DeStefano has been a long time award-winning artist and instructor for many years. She has a few self-published books, including one available on Amazon, entitled “I See Myself in Your Eyes.” Joanne’s unique style of teaching will confirm that your “someday” is here.

CREDENTIALS:  Joanne has studied at MVCC, advertising and design; Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts (Pratt MWP) Institute, specialty arts classes from 1970-present; private instruction from well-known watercolorists in the area and around the state.

SPECIALTY: Watercolor.

CLASS(ES) OFFERED AT THE MVCA: “The Freedom of Watercolors” – both in-person class instruction, as well as the on-line video by the same name. Please see “Classes” tab on the MVCA website.

QUOTE: Ms. DeStefano cautions students to “Leave it alone! Creating ‘happy accidents’ is half the fun and discipline.”