Adrienne Watson

CREDENTIALS:  Adrienne is currently teaching Art at Little Falls Middle School.  She has been a public school teacher for almost twenty years, instructing grades Kindergarten through 8th Grade.  Adrienne completed her student teaching in Brisbane, Australia and is certified to teach Art and Elementary Education.   In 2016 Adrienne became a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT).

MEDIA: Pencil, Ink, and Zentangle Blocks

SPECIALTY:  Zentangle Method is a relaxing and creative drawing process which produces beautiful images from structured patterns.  These patterns, created from combinations of dots, lines, and simple curves, are called “tangles”. Learn the art of Zentangles and open the door to reduced stress.  Zentangles can be created anytime and anyplace.  Practice the process, philosophy, and open-ended artistic improvisation.  Your stress will melt away.

CLASS(ES) OFFERED AT THE MVCA:  Zentangle Design – Creative Relaxation.

QUOTE:  “My passion is to share this therapeutic art form with my students and adults.  Zentangle is an art form that reaches all ability levels and allows for personal relaxation and enjoyment.”