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From Our Director -

What courage it must take to be a crocus peeping through the snow. Consider the forceful power it takes to break through the icy ground. I'm awed by its hopeful power that there will be enough warm sunshine to keep it alive. It gives off an emotional power that we all feel trusting that spring will be here soon.

Crocuses are the perfect omen of spring. Their tiny flowers would go unnoticed if they bloomed in summer. However, pushing their colors through the snow, their petite flowers trigger a wave of excitement and anticipation that we can't overlook.

It won’t be long now that our fits of cabin fever will be replaced by renewed expectations for warmer days and spring's hope. My bones always seem to creak a little from winter, but they warm as my face turns to find the sun. This spring I feel like we're bursting at the seams here at the Arts Center, sponsoring so many events, exhibits, and classes. This issue of Art Matters is full of ideas and opportunities for everyone to grow a little, to shake off these last few days of winter, and to spread our wings into the warm weather ahead.

I want to thank Julie Takacs for helping with the design and production of this quarter's Art Matters brochure. Julie has offered to help us assemble this document going forward. Believe me, it is a labor of love and a tremendous amount of work. Her passion for MVCA and skills in graphics arts are greatly appreciated. Welcome aboard, Julie!

Join us. Become a member. Gift your friends with memberships. Bring them to an event. Take a class. Join our Hip Hop dancers. Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with us. Come share some wine and enjoy an Art Opening. There's something fun and entertaining for all ages.

We love all matters of art because we know Art Matters!

Jane H. Malin
Executive Director