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From Our Director -

Art is everywhere, whether you notice it or not. Sure, it’s the new piece on the wall with the gilded frame or the blown-glass vase on the desk. It’s in the music you listen to during your walks along the canal and in the graphics of your magazines. Art is in the dinnerware on your table and the umbrella you use. It’s also the design of your couch pillow or your cereal box. I fondly remember my college classes in Packaging Science where we analyzed a product’s graphic artwork and its influence on the grocery shopper’s behavior.

Art affects our lives in ways that are at once subtle and obvious, expected and unexpected. We at the Arts Center are constantly searching to feature diverse types of art and ways to present the creative work of our artists.

The Selective Eye will open its new spring season on April 21st. Consider picking up a new book of poetry by a local author. Examine the woodworking in an intricate cutting board or rolling pin. Hold a handmade glass marble up to the light and travel into its layers and colors. Numerous fascinating forms of art await you at the MVCA gift shop.

Visit the 401 Gallery and see the artistic creations of our many exhibitors, including locally-born watercolorist, Alonzo Clarke. The observant traveler throughout the Mohawk Valley will also notice our “Art in Public Spaces” exhibits of regional artwork. Stop in at the Bassett Health Clinic in Herkimer to view the fantastic artwork of our local public school students during Youth Art Month.

Experience performance art in Little Falls and the surrounding area with opportunities to hear Ms. Radzeviciute’s classical piano or Arise & Go’s Irish music. Catch a film offered in our Film Series. Be sure to attend the local debut of A Quiet Place in April. Watch for dates to hear Ms. Lukacova’s lectures on the music of Slovakian Samko Dudik, or have an old fashioned night of imagination with LiFT’s Brass Lantern radio stories.

As you read through this issue of Art Matters, I hope you’ll take a closer look at your own world. Think about the ways art and creativity shape or enhance your life. Don’t ever forget that Art Matters!

Jane H. Malin
Executive Director