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One of the many changes our Board of Directors has approved, sooner rather than later, is “going digital” with Art Matters. We will email your printable copy to the address on file with your membership.

This offers a wide variety of benefits, including:

    • A more affordable form of media (each quarterly issue of Art Matters costs nearly $500 to assemble, print, label and mail)
    • Easier access on many electronic devices such as phones and notepads.
    • Less labor intensive to produce.
    • Better for the environment by eliminating paper and toxic inks in the landfills.
    • More innovative form of communication – searchable, faster access, more vibrant look.

Digital also brings some changes and issues that need to be addressed:

    • Not everyone has access to technology.
    • Digital advertising can be awkward… how do I present an ad to take advantage of a store discount on a particular item?
    • Rapid processing doesn’t necessarily mean better comprehension and retention.
    • Some just prefer to read a document with a good cup of coffee.

So here’s what we are going to do:

    • Printed Art Matters hard copies will be available at some community sites, such as MVCA, Historical Society Museum, and the Libraries
    • Art Matters will be available on our website and FaceBook page following our email distribution.
    • We have email addresses for over 92% of our active members. We will work with members who do not have access to technology to receive a printed copy.
    • We will work with our advertisers and sponsors to help them with creative, eye-catching ads that will encourage readers to take advantage of their goods and services.
    • For those who like to read with coffee… come visit us with your coffee and browse one of our copies!



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Calendar At-a-Glance


The First Presbyterian Church of Little Falls has offered to host our studio classes in the basement of their building at 16 Jackson Street, on the corner of Lansing and Jackson. Pastor Tamara Razzano and the Session of elected Elders have donated the use of their facility to us for the foreseeable future. We enthusiastically accept their offer. Moving out of Studio 411 is necessary to cut expenses. Moving directly into the Church will be very convenient, and we are so grateful for their hospitality. We look forward to collaborating with the congregation on some projects in the future.

We also want to thank Judy and Al McDowell, our landlords at 411 Canal Place, for being such fabulous hosts. You were so accommodating. We all extend our gratitude.


In early May, the Board of Directors put out a letter notifying our membership of some unexpected financial crises that threatened to close our doors. These challenges emerged quickly and without warning. While we learned that many non-profit organizations were facing similar issues, the knowledge didn’t help us sleep at night. We had to act quickly.

Since that time, we have taken steps to address these fixed operational costs going forward and to readjust our budget for future years. We have put some services out for bid, and we have cut back on others. Our board members have also taken personal steps to raise funds and sponsor upcoming campaigns to help ensure continued growth and optimizations.

Most encouraging has been the outpouring of community support from our membership and business sponsors. Help continues to come through our doors on a daily basis. Often, cards and letters accompany the checks, large and small, voicing wholehearted support for the arts and the Arts Center. It is this validation of our mission that gives us the motivation and commitment to keep MVCA operating for years to come.

As you can see from the thermometer above, in just over one month, we are nearly halfway to our goal of $25,000. This will not only enable us to rebuild from the expenses incurred earlier this year, but will also give us an operating fund which will insulate us from similar “surprises” in the future.

We have several fund raisers planned during the rest of this calendar year. We also know that fund raising is not an event; it is a way of life for MVCA. We hope to bring you entertaining and educational programs and experiences. Please join us whenever you can. Support the arts in our communities, and support the Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts.

Thank you again for all your help!


MVCA’s Art in Public Spaces Program features quarterly exhibits of local artists’ work in various locations around the city and surrounding areas. Featured artists must be Mohawk Valley Arts students or instructors.

Businesses/organizations interested in becoming an APS exhibition site or member artists wishing to participate in the APS program, should contact Mena Cerone at the Arts Center for more details. (315.823.0808)

2016 Art in Public Spaces Locations:
Beardslee Castle
123 Old State Road (Just off Rt. 5)
Little Falls, NY 13365
Phone: 315.823.3000

Little Falls Public Library
10 Waverly Place, Little Falls, NY
Phone: 315.823.1542     

Canal Side Inn
395 Canal Place, Little Falls, NY
Phone: 315.823.1170

Little Falls Hospital Bassett Healthcare Network)
140 Burwell St., Little Falls, NY
Phone: 315.823.1000

We need your help and creativity!

Our Art Matters brochure is produced 4 times each year.

We need help with selling ads, writing content, producing graphics, designing layouts, even printing documents.

Come join our Art Matters team! Students: A great way to build your resume!

If you are interested, contact the Arts Center at 315.823.0808!